Friday, July 25, 2008


Farmer Rob and the interns gathered in the Market Garden today to deploy some organic pest control.

In the first photo below, Intern Peter is spraying cabbage with a mixture of water and Bt, a bacteria that will make cabbage-eating caterpillars shrivel up and die. I blogged about Bt previously,
here and here.

In the second photo, Intern Ramchandra is spreading a native plant called wormwood around the base of our tomatoes, in the hope that it will keep away insect larvae. After comparing some photos on the Internet, I believe the particular species of wormwood Ram found is Artemisia alba. (Interesting to note: Artemisia absinthium is the ingredient reputed to give absinthe its hallucinogenic kick.)

In picture three, you can see the farm employed some cheap labor to help weed the black beans. This lasted about 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

What about companion planting to ward off uninvited guests to the garden such as planting marigolds near tomatoes? It seems easier to keep pests away in the first place than to get rid of them once they arrive.

Anonymous said...

That's my group in the third shot!!!! =D We saw you take the second one =)