Sunday, April 27, 2008


Saturday was a day of potato planting.

In order to grow potatoes, you are going to need a potato. Take you knife and cut your potato in half and then half again. Walk your four potato chucks to the nearest fresh-plowed furrow. Place your first chunk, skin-side up, into the furrow. Now, place your second chunk about 10 inches away down the furrow. Repeat this process with your third and forth chunks. Now repeat the whole process about a hundred billion times.

The following types of potatos are now resting peacefully in the soils of Howell, waiting with the oats for some rain: Green Mountain, Russet, and Yukon Gold. I'm told the Russets make the best French fries.

One successfully planted chunk will sprout as many as five or six new potatoes. They should be ready to harvest in September.


In this latest masterpiece of cinéma-vérité, Tom weeds a field of young oats.