Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've been feeling the urge lately to expand my blogging focus beyond Howell Farm. So I'm starting a new blog on the topic of "things that interest me." Read it here:

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The farm’s potato harvest program is scheduled for Saturday. If you come, consider bringing a raincoat…

The intern crew got an early start with the harvest today, picking for our personal collection.

During our digging and gathering, we made a special discovery: Baby snapping turtles hatching in the potato field.

When I relocated the four turtles to the vicinity of the nearest pond, I had a chance to witness something I thought was very interesting. One turtle started trudging north, directly toward the water, which was about 20 feet away. But turtle #2 started trudging directly south, away from the water. The third turtle went west, parallel to the edge of the pond. And one turtle burrowed straight downward into the grass. Crazy turtles? Or species-level survival strategy?