Wednesday, June 4, 2008


"The Man Killer" earned its nickname not because it is a particularly dangerous machine (that distinction belongs to "The Death Tedder"), but because it is known for wearing down hardened farm workers.

Yesterday provided a chance to test my mettle. I spent a good hour up on the wagon, spreading and packing the oceans of hay The Killer tried to bury me with. It was strenuous, tiring work, and in fairness to The Killer I know I didn't receive a full dose of her fury. Farmer Rob, who was driving the oxen who were pulling the wagon, stopped often to let me catch up when the hay came faster than I could sort it.

Based on my limited experience, however, I think that this machine is not as mortality challenging as its name suggests – at least not if you take it in the limited shift I did. In fact, I think stacking hay was the harder work of the two. The day after I stacked for a few hours my hands still burned and my muscles ached. Today, though, I'm feeling pretty good.

Watch the video below to see some of the action: