Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It has not rained much this summer and Farmer Rob used the “D Word” yesterday. He’s worried that if it doesn’t start precipitating soon, we’re going to find ourselves in drought conditions. He sent Intern Ram into the kitchen garden with a watering can and directions to give all the plants a big drink. In the larger Market Garden, however, the tomatoes are on their own.

According to Drought Monitor, one of my favorite publications, New Jersey isn’t droughting quite yet. Parts of northern New Jersey are “abnormally dry,” but the middle of the state is still in the average range. Parts of western North Carolina and South Carolina are already in a “D4” state, that being “exceptional drought” – two whole steps worse than “severe drought.”

See the map for yourself:

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It's like anything else, the less you have of something you really need, the more you appreciate it and the more precious it seems.

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