Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blogging Blunder

I made a mistake yesterday in my description of the lamb’s departure to the auction in Hackensack. It was accurate except they really went to Hackettstown. I don’t know if Johnny Cash has ever been to Hackettstown.

Such a mistake is embarrassing. I haven’t been carrying a notebook during much of my time on the farm—it gets in the way when shoveling manure—and now I’ve reaped the consequences of my cavalierity.

I’m going to go back now and correct the previous post. Since I’m doing some cleanup work, here are some other needed corrections from the past six months of blogging:

-The correct spelling of Intern Ram’s full name is Ramchandra, not Ramachandran, and I assume Ram (pronounced Rom) is a better spelling for his nickname than Rama, which I started using because I knew a guy in high school named Rama.

-A hay needle is much closer to three feet in length than four feet, as I originally estimated.

Okay, so who has noticed some more?


Anonymous said...

In your blog about the old time baseball, you mentioned a referee, however in baseball they're umpires (or just umps).... :) Sorry, I dated Mike Micali in high school who played A LOT of baseball and I was always penalized for calling the umps, refs.

Anonymous said...

"In lambs to the slaughter"

You wrote, "The word is both descriptive and euphemism." This sounds funny. "Descriptive" is a predicate adjective in the sentence but "euphemism" is a pred. nominative, a noun. The sentence is both awkward and incongruence.


Anonymous said...


An excellent catch EXCEPT that the umpires in old time baseball actually are called referees. I was shocked when I first heard it, too.

As for PJG's comment, I think she/he/it is correct and I would have been better served by the word "euphemistic" or more likely a completely different sentence.